History of the Department

The experience of clinical work with patients is the basis for the research work carried out in the Department. The current mean number of points per worker, taking into account 2N, is 49.40.

Research projects, statutory and from foreign funds obtained through competitions (grant UNVFVT), as well as publications based on the results of the research in international journals, are constatnly carried out.

The Department employs 5 research assistances and 2 lecturers as well as 3 PhD students of the Jagiellonian University Medical College.

Teaching conducted in the Department of Psychotherapy Jagiellonian UniversityMedical College includes classes for students of medicine (psychiatry Part I – 4th year, Psychotherapy – 4th year), as well as for students of the Medical School for Foreigners and in other fields (rehabilitation).

In cooperation with MCKP UJ postgraduate studies (Basis of psychotherapy – 2 years, Specific problems of psychotherapy – 2 years) are realised, giving participants a basis for obtaining a certificate of psychotherapist of the Polish Psychiatric Association. In addition, course „Practical Psychotherapy” is implemented and internships for doctors in psychiatry and psychologists in clinical psychology are organised, as well as internships for candidates for psychotherapists.

There are also organized in cooperation with MCKP UJ, specialization courses in psychiatry: „Introduction to Psychotherapy”, „Clinical application of psychotherapy”, „Balint Group”, attended by doctors from all over Polish. Last year the course „Clinical application of psychotherapy” won na tionwide tenderand was organized in cooperation with Centre of Postgraduate Education in Warsaw.

Quarterly „Psychotherapy” (list B of the Ministry of Higher Education, Index Copernicus) is published by the Department of Psychotherapy UJCM in co-operation with the Polish Psychiatric Association.

The Chair organizes scientific conferences national (ie. carried out in 2011 in cooperation with the Polish Psychiatric Association and the Polish Psychological Association) as well as international (24.10.2014 „100 years of psychotherapy and post-traumatic stress research in Krakow”).

In 2015, 5 scientific  programs have been carried out, in 2008-2015 carried out a total of 13 projects were realised.

Department staff also work more broadly in favor of the University. For their work they were rewarded many times for example: Integralia Award 2014, Award. Prof. S. Leder (Polish Psychiatric Association).

The employees co-create and take a leading part in the prevention for mental health programs for employees and students of the Jagiellonian University and in the elaboration of standards for organizing learning support for students with mental disorders.

Special position in research and clinical activities, takes working with survivors of political persecution in Poland concerning the description of long-term sequelae of posttraumatic stress. The scope of this research study is a direct continuation of Krakow research by prof. Kępiński, and now especially for Siberians and former political prisoners of the Stalinist period. Appreciation of this activity resulted in the fact that this is the only unit in Poland accredited by the International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims in Copenhagen.

In 2014 an agreement was concluded on scientific cooperation with the University of Bonn – Clinic of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy